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All About MortgageFREEDOM!

MortgageFREEDOM! is an innovative way for you to sell your house, solve your back payment
or foreclosure situation, improve your credit, and relieve a stressful
life all at the same time.  This program will work even if you have
no equity in your property!

If you are viewing this page then it is safe to assume
that you are either behind on your mortgage payments or in foreclosure. 
You may even have little to no equity in your property.

There are many people out there in the marketplace like
you, so you are not alone.  Your situation is one that can be fixed. 
Fixing the problem may require some time and good old-fashion common
sense.  People may tell you that you don’t have time left.  What
they may be telling you is that you have to make a decision quickly and
ACT on it.  Frequently people in foreclosure tend to procrastinate
and hope the situation will resolve itself.  Trust me when I tell you
that it won’t.

We received a phone call in the summer of 2005 from
a real estate agent.  The real estate agent told us that she was
contacted by a man whose house is in foreclosure.  We asked her, "Why
didn’t she try to list the house?"  She said the house had very
little equity in it, about 2%, and the auction date was Tuesday.  She
called us on the preceding Thursday.  We then asked her why the owner
waited so late to act.  She said he thought he could sell the house
himself to cover the amount he owes and to pocket a couple of thousand
dollars to cover moving expenses.  We told her there was nothing that
we could do for him at this late date.  She then thanked us for our

Folks, this is one example of someone who
procrastinated and one who did not know his options.  You might ask,
"What are my options when facing foreclosure?"  You had five options
before you read this page:

  • Give the house to the bank before the auction
    date, or deed in lieu of foreclosure
  • File bankruptcy
  • Wait for the house to be sold at auction
  • Refinance the house
  • Sell the house for the amount that is owed

The first three options will destroy your credit
rating.  In the case of bankruptcy, you may be put into a position
where you can’t afford the payments ordered by the courts.  If you do
nothing and wait until the auction, you may be put into a position where,
after court costs, attorney fees, missed escrow payments, property taxes,
etc., you still owe after the house is sold.  The bank may be able to
sue you and garnish your wages to the recover the remainder. 
MortgageFREEDOM! can help you even before you get to this point.

You might try to refinance your house.  Chances
are you won’t be able to do this.  Remember, you are in foreclosure
and you probably have no equity in your house.  No bank will want to
help you.  But
MortgageFREEDOM! can help.

If you try to sell the house, chances are you will
want to sell the house for the amount you owe.  You might also want
to raise enough money to cover moving expenses.  Many real estate
investors are looking for houses with equity and a positive cash flow. 
If you have no equity in your house, it makes it hard for the investor
during times when the market declines.  That will wipe out his net
worth.  Also, if he has to fix up the house, he has to put more money
into the deal.  These types of deals are not suitable for the average
investor.  It is, however, suitable for

Let me explain to you how MortgageFREEDOM! can help you:

  • MortgageFREEDOM! can help you become proactive so that you can ACT,
  • MortgageFREEDOM! can help you stop your foreclosure,
  • MortgageFREEDOM! can help you sell your house even if you have no equity,
  • MortgageFREEDOM! can help you improve your credit rating without doing
    anything extra,
  • MortgageFREEDOM! can help you reduce and even eliminate the cost of
    repairs of your house,
  • MortgageFREEDOM! can help stop the harassing calls and letters,
  • and finally, MortgageFREEDOM! can help you eliminate the stress in your life

You owe it to yourself to get back on track. 
MortgageFREEDOM! help you today.  If you are interested in getting
started, call us at (708) 856-8275 or fill out the Seller Information Form
by clicking here.


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