Purchase Options Chart

Purchase Options Chart

We are a group of real estate investors who buy
property across the country.  We can make an offer on your property
regardless of your situation.  If you are interested in selling your
property quickly, then this is the place for you.  Please review the
chart below.  It shows the various ways we may be able to help you:

Cash Transaction

process takes approximately 14 days. 



  • Immediate
    mortgage relief

  • No worries
    of whether the buyer can qualify for a mortgage

  • You won’t
    have to worry about repairs

  • Low
    closing costs for your home


  • Higher
    expenses from purchaser may mean you might get less than retail value



process allows the seller a number of benefits.  It is the quickest
and easiest transaction.  We may be able to close this type of
transaction within 24 hours!  The purchaser takes over your mortgage



  • Fastest
    route to mortgage relief

  • Cash at
    closing depending on the transaction

  • The
    easiest and most worry-free path to rebuild your credit

  • Almost no
    closing costs

  • You won’t
    have to worry about repairs


  • None


Other Methods

are many other ways to possibly buy your property.  Every transaction
is different.  Fill out the Seller Information
and we may be able to discuss other methods with you.


Conventional Financing

When a
seller needs to sell quickly, this is the least desirable method. 
With interest rates at historic lows, mortgage processing time is taking
months to close.



  • Mortgage relief in months

  • Cash at


  • Will
    purchaser qualify?

  • HIGH
    closing costs

  • Could take
    months to close


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